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We have 2 categories of items – those that are readily available, and others that are flown in and require lead time. Do refer to the descriptions of each item for the availability. On a typical week (where there are no Japanese public holidays), our items are flown in twice a week on Tuesday and on Friday.

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Add the items you would like to purchase to your cart. Out of ideas for the perfect combinations? Check out our list of recipes for some inspiration!

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Now that you have selected the items you want, enter your ideal delivery date and time slot when checking out (taking into account any lead time required for your order). For example, it’s Friday today. Your order comprises of a bottled sauce available tomorrow and Akagai that requires a lead time of 3 days. It is expected to arrive next Tuesday. In such a case, do enter a delivery date on, or after Tuesday next week. Alternatively, you could split your order. However, this will incur additional delivery charges.

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Our Recipes

Hotate Carpaccio

Simple and easy to prepare, this Hotate Carpaccio is perfect for as an appetizer or as a quick midnight fix. Ingredients: Hotate (6 to 8 pieces) Tomatoes (1/4 of a whole tomato diced to your preference) Citrus juice of your choice (10ml) and Shoyu (80ml) or some Yuzu...

Tuna Cheek

A couple of weeks back, the Soshinsen team had the opportunity to experiment cooking with a series of Tuna cuts that are not as "mainstream". These cuts included meat from the Cheek, Collar and the Eye Muscle. While they may sound squeamish,...

Kaisen Chirashi Don

Every dinner party that we have either consulted for or contributed to has left us wondering with one question, "How can we do more to come up with better and more creative ways to not only feed but educate our customers and friends?" This led...




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