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Soshinsen imports premium Japanese products – including seafood, meats, fruits and vegetable, and condiments – from various markets across the prefectures in Japan. Our products are freshly picked by our team in Japan and delivered right to your doorsteps!

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The best of Japanese seasons, at your doorstep.

Each season in Japan boasts a wide variety of produce distinct from the others – choose from a variety of Fruits, Vegetables and Seafood!

 Wholesale Fresh Japanese Seafood Supplier in Singapore

Find out more about where your seafood and other produce comes from, and the behind-the-scenes of how it makes it way over
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Hear what our customers have to say about us!

"Perfect...we had the best Uni and Salmon Sashimi through Soshinsen."

Ms. Leena P.

"...This is the first time I assembled the entire bowl from scratch...I personally find the taste of the Murasaki Uni to be better than what some restaurants in Singapore is serving, it’s quite close to the ones I had in Hokkaido. The Amaebi, Ikura, Hotate are also very fresh tasting. My personal favourite is of course the Chutoro, this medium fat cut is flavourful and easy for anyone to handle the slicing as it’s not too big a block. I also love Shiso flowers..."

Mr. Bryan Foong (Via Instagram @bryanfoong)

"...A fresh delivery of (Murasaki) Uni and Ikura from Soshinsen set the tone for this Donburi, made complete with Negitoro and scallops"

Ms. Barbara Koh (Via Instagram @kohkankook)

"This is the best thing I "made" (more of just assembling) 👉 creamy Murasaki Uni on pan seared Unagi on crisp nori. The Unagi and Uni are from Soshinsen... Foresee many future repeated orders soon!!"

Ms. Kaelyn Ong (Via Instagram @myfoodsirens)

"Seafood so good that cooking is not required. Thanks to the team at Soshinsen"

Mr. Desmond O. (Via Instagram @bowtie_ortho)

"Bought some Akagai a few weeks back. They were incredibly fresh (still alive), and were delicious. No fishy taste whatsoever."

Mr. Aloysius Soong (Via Facebook)

"Very good customer service & they really check their product quality before delivering to their customers! Also my friend (that I gifted the tray of Bafun Uni 250g to) said the Uni was super delicious & fresh! Highly recommended & will definitely order more next time!"

Ms. Poh Jing Lin

"Soshinsen does actually what the name it’s name implies, by giving you products which are SO FRESH! My favourite order is to get the Omakase tuna set and be surprised at how generous they are in what they give me. The quality of the meat is TOP class and it has never failed my taste buds. Looking forward to having more time to play around with more products."

Mr. Russell Yap

“Purchased blue mussels earlier this month, they were firm yet succulent and tasted sweet. So easy to prepare with clear instructions on the package. Last week, I bought a slab of Maguro, and true to their name, it was super fresh and tasted great!”

Ms. Joyce Chee

“Freshly flown from Japan, Soshinsen is my No.1 go-to sashimi supplier! Very responsive with enquiries and always give good suggestions on what will go with your meal. Price is very reasonable, with a wide range of selection. I absolutely loved the Uni, Ootoro and Hotate!”

Ms. Tan Ting Wei

“Melt-in-the-mouth Otoro and incredibly fresh Akagai. First time buying it, was not daunted as it came with clear shucking and cleaning instructions. Amazing taste.”

Ms. Claire Lim

"I can't help ordering when the stuff you bring in is so nice and arrives in such great shape. The last time the house (smelt) like the Strawberries and soon it'll be Okinawa Passionfruit and Miyazaki Melon. We're so blessed to know you!"

Mr. Desmond O.

"And of course to serve quality dishes, we only work with the freshest quality ingredients from Soshinsen"

Twelve Flavours (Via Instagram)

"...Thank you Soshinsen for your great support. Japanese Scallop and minced Tuna are superb...!!

Naoko's Kitchen (Via Instagram)


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