Shopping with Soshinsen

We welcome any comments - whether it is to share your positive experience or leave us feedback and suggestions, and can be reached at For any correspondence regarding your order, please indicate your order number in the subject of the email.  For trade customers (restaurants, private chefs, distributors), you may reach us at For any restaurants and distributors please include your company name & UEN number in any correspondence. For private chefs, do indicate your company name / social media profile / website for our reference.
Soshinsen was first energized by the desire to provide the end consumer with affordable Japanese produce that restaurants and chefs had access to. The word “新鮮” - which translates to fresh in both Japanese (Shinsen) and Mandarin (xīnxiān) - is a prerequisite when it comes to the culinary world, particularly for raw ingredients.  We are an online grocer offering a selection of produce ranging from meat and sashimi grade fish, to fruits and vegetables. These flown in twice a week, are mainly procured from the various markets across Japan (such as Toyosu, Yokokama, and Hakodate) or directly from local farmers. Over the years, we have expanded this selection to include produce from Russia, Portugal and France.