Konichi-WOW: Kagoshima

Konichi-WOW: Kagoshima

Kagoshima prefecture is located on the southernmost tip of the Japanese archipelago, on the island of Kyushu. Blessed with abundant natural resources, great nature, distinctive history, and unique culinary culture, it is one of the leading prefectures for tourism in Japan.

Kagoshima houses two UNESCO Natural Heritage sites – Yakushima Island and the Amami Islands, and one UNESCO Cultural Heritage site – Sengan-en Garden. It is also home to Mount Sakurajima – one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Extensive volcanic activities around the prefecture gives rise to numerous natural hot springs warmed by geothermal heat, and the Natural Steam Sand Bath of the tropical city of Ibusuki in the south is one of the most iconic.

The prefecture measures 9,188km2 (about 13 times the size of Singapore) and spans 600 km from north to south. The large climatic variation from cool temperate to sub-tropical zones gives rise to a diverse natural environment and rich flora and fauna, including many rare and precious endemic species.

Beyond lush nature, Kagoshima is also one of the largest agricultural producing regions in Japan! The prefecture is most well-known for its top quality fruits particularly citruses (Think Yuzu and Bontan amongst others), a wide variety of Sweet Potatoes, seafood, meat, and healthy beverages such as Japanese green tea, Kurozu black vinegar, as well as Shochu. Kagoshima also produces the largest and heaviest radish in the world called the Sakurajima Daikon. In the Guinness World Records 2003, the largest radish to date weighed in at almost 69 pound. Since we can’t travel to Japan yet, let’s tour Kagoshima virtually here.

A collaboration between Soshinsen and the Kagoshima Prefectorial Government. Get more updates on Kagoshima and its wonders via Facebook and Instagram. Konichi-WOW is a series brought to you by the Soshinsen team, as we explore various prefectures in Japan, remotely.

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