Our Story

Soshinsen was first energised by the desire to empower the everyday consumer at home with quality seafood that fine dining establishments and top sushi restaurants have access to but at affordable and reasonable prices

The word “新鮮” translates to fresh in both Japanese (Shinsen) and Mandarin (xīn xiān). Without a doubt, this is a prerequisite when it comes to the culinary world, particularly for raw ingredients.

We offer a selection of produce ranging from meat and sashimi-grade fish, to fruits and vegetables. These are mainly procured from the various markets across Japan (such as Toyosu, Yokokama, and Hakodate) or directly from local farmers. Over the years, we have expanded this selection to include produce from Russia and France.

As foodies ourselves, gathering over quality produce presents itself as the perfect opportunity that allows like-minded individuals to convene, connect, and share ideas – both friends and strangers alike. Food preparation take-on different forms, many of which we are still learning every day. The quest for knowledge in the culinary world (like in any other) is endless, and it would be our pleasure to embark on this culinary journey with you!

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