Anago 穴子 Fillet / Conger Eel (Pkt, Approx. 500g)

Anago 穴子 Fillet / Conger Eel (Pkt, Approx. 500g)

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Anago // Conger Eel Fillet

Anago (穴子) refers to Salt-water Eels and is often confused with their Fresh-water counterparts, Unagi. Anago is available all year round but it’s peak season is during summer where the Eels are at its plumpest. They can be found off the coasts of Japan where they make their homes in the sandy, muddy bottoms of the sea. With a naturally sweet flavour profile and a soft texture  which melts in your mouth, Anago is often simmered and used on Nigiri sushi or deep-fried as tempura.

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  • 500g (4 to 6 fillets + heads + bones)
  • Best season: Available all year round but best in Summer (June to August)
  • Other cooking methods: Grilled and brushed with a Tsumé sauce, simmered in Shoyu or Sake


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