SEIKA Bontan-Ame Candy (Box, 50g)


SEIKA Bontan-Ame Candy (Box, 50g)

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  • Box (50g, 10 pcs)
  • Made in Kagoshima, Japan
  • Vegan friendly
  • How to consume: each candy is wrapped in edible paper and can be consumed as is
  • Ingredients: Millet jelly, Sugar, Malt Sugar, Pomelo Juice, concentrated Unshu Mikan Tangerine Juice, Glutinous Rice, Starch, Food Colouring (Annatto Seeds), Emulsifier (from Soy)
  • Allergen(s): Soy
  • Description


The Bontan ぼんたん fruit originates in Southeast Asia. It is similar to a Grapefruit but can grow up to the size of a volleyball. In Japan, these are grown in the wider Kyushu region. Botan-Ame Candy is a soft, chewy, citrus-flavoured rice candy well-loved by the Japanese. Wrapped with a thin layer of edible rice paper like the White Rabbit candy, the Bontan-Ame was invented by Seika Foods in 1924 (97 years old!!!). A fully plant-based candy made using Bontan fruit juice, Mizuame (Japanese traditional sweetener), malt sugar, Mochi (glutinous rice) as the main ingredients. The addition of Pomelo Oil extract (from Pomelo grown in Kagoshima) and Tangerine juice (from the wider Kyushu region) gives the Bontan-ame its distinct citrus flavour.


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