Firefly Squid // Hotaru-Ika // ほたるいか

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Hotaru-ika is bioluminescent organism with photophores – light producing organs – on it’s mantle, head, arms and tentacles. They thrive in Toyoma Bay because of the unique geography of the region that encourages it’s habitation. However, to prevent contamination form parasites, Hotaru-ika comes either boiled (all year round) or frozen (outside of spring).

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  • 200g per packet (comes frozen or boiled, depending on season)
  • Suitable for consumption as Sashimi
  • Other cooking methods: boiled with a Miso-vinaigrette (sumiso­-ae), marinated and steamed, fried as karāge or pickled


  1. Weights provided are estimates and are dependent on the measurements of each catch – which see some pieces being smaller than others. We ensure that the minimum weights stated are met. Should you receive a larger piece, consider it your lucky day. Prices stated will be honoured. 
  2. Images are for visual purposes only, and may or may not be representative of the actual size, weight or colour of the produce. 
  • When flashed, the light attracts small fish, which the squid can feed upon.
  • Its flesh is usually quite soft and sweet.
  • Freshly flown in twice weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays

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