[Hinode] Ryorishi / Japanese Cooking Sake (Btl, 1.8L)

[Hinode] Ryorishi / Japanese Cooking Sake (Btl, 1.8L)

$23.00 Incl GST

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Together with a few other ingredients like Mirin, Cooking Sake is an extremely versatile addition that is a building block of the Japanese cuisine. Alcohol content is about 10%, but due to legal requirements and tax laws, salt and vinegar are often ingredients in “Cooking Sake” – essentially making it unsuitable for drinking.

Available daily

  • Size: 1.8L
  • Storage: cool, dry place (unopened) or in the refrigerator (opened)
  • Possible dishes: Sake-steamed Hamaguri (or any other clams), Kinmedai Nitsuke