ICHIRO Hachinohe Premium Mackerel – Miso (Can, 200g)

ICHIRO Hachinohe Premium Mackerel – Miso (Can, 200g)

$12.80 Incl GST

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These vibrant and whimsical cans are the works of Singapore’s first woman finger painting artist Adeline Yeo-Matsuzaki who is renown for painting “live” at special events. After 7 successful solo exhibitions and inspired by the beauty of the Hachinohe coast, these tins were put together in collaboration with the Hachinohe City and the Aomori Prefectorial government and are made from single origin wild-caught Saba (Mackerel) using state-of-the-art technology, and simmered with an artisanal miso marinate. Great on it’s own, with some plain crackers or on top of a warm bowl of rice

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Available daily

  • 200g per can
  • Origin: Hachinohe City in Aomori, Japan
  • Manufactured in a HAACP-certified facility, using single origin Saba (Mackerel) that are:
    • Higher in fat (25 to 31g per tin) compared to farmed Saba (<20g)
    • High in protein (30 to 33g per tin)
    • Nutritious while being Keto or Paleo lifestyle friendly
    • High in essential fatty Amino acids that improve endurance and aid recovery after fitness workouts
  • Miso used is naturally matured in the cold climates of the Tsugaru region, resulting in a well balanced colour, taste and aroma
  • Ingredients: Mackerel, Tsugaru Miso which contains fermented soybeans and rice koji (No chemical seasonings are used).

Note: As with all canned products, do exercise caution when opening the tin as the edge might be sharp. Do not heat the can, as the build up in pressure might cause the can to rupture. Once opened, a white and grainy layer may be observed, this is mackerel fat and is perfectly ok for human consumption. A light pan fry or aburi will melt this. Once the can has been opened, do consume as soon as possible. Leftovers should be transferred into an air tight container and refrigerated for a maximum of 5 days. As with all fish products, do exercise caution when consuming and feeding children as the product may contain fish bones. Designs will be given at random. Do indicate (Mountain or Fish) in the remarks of your order if you have a preference. We will do our best to fulfil these requests.