[Pre-order] Japanese Shine Muscat Seedless Grapes

[Pre-order] Japanese Shine Muscat Seedless Grapes

$95.00 Incl GST

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Japanese Shine Muscat Seedless Grapes

Summer in Japan presents our all time favourite fruits. These are Japanese favourites do deal with the sweltering Summer heat. Seedless, extremely fragrant, these can be consumed with its skin on and are often gifted to friends and colleagues (in the form of Omiyage) when in season!

Pre-order – our cargo is flown in weekly. Do place your orders ahead of time to avoid disappointment. Do refer to our air flown schedule for cut off times.

  • 450 to 500g per punnet
  • Origin: Either Okayama or Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan
  • Storage: In the refrigerator
  • Availability: June to October
  • Typically flown in on Tuesdays and Fridays, but do check out or flight schedules for the month or drop us a message


  1. Weights provided are estimates and are dependent on the measurements of each catch – which see some pieces being smaller than others. We ensure that the minimum weights stated are met. Should you receive a larger piece, consider it your lucky day. Prices stated will be honoured.
  2. Images are for visual purposes only, and may or may not be representative of the actual size, weight or colour of the produce. In the event that the particular brand requested for is not available due to unforeseen circumstances (such as natural disasters, or poor catch rates due to bad weather), a punnet of similar quality will be sourced for you!