Kinmedai 金目鯛 / Splendid Alfonsino

Kinmedai 金目鯛 / Splendid Alfonsino

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The Splendid Alfonsino is a deep sea fish. With it’s bright red skin and exceptionally large eye, it’s hard not to spot it in the market setting. In it’s raw form, it is often served with it’s skin left on and torched (or aburi-ed) lightly. With it’s high fat content and natural flavour, Kinmedai is a fish that is incredibly versatile. With the right cooking and preparation techniques, it is one fish that will definitely delight your palate!

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  • Per piece
  • Do note that the weights indicated are for the whole fish. If you opt for the fish to be processed, the weights may be less than stipulated.
  • For the fillet option, head and bones will be sent to you alongside the 2 fillets. This is great for cooking fish stocks or making a sauce.
  • Best season: Winter to early Spring (December to March)
  • Suitable to be consumed as Sashimi
  • Other cooking methods: Aburi, Kawashimozukuri (Tenderisation through the splashing of boiling water), braised


  1. Weights provided are estimates and are dependent on the measurements of each catch – which see some pieces being smaller than others. We ensure that the minimum weights stated are met. Should you receive a larger piece, consider it your lucky day. Prices stated will be honoured. For orders with preferred specs indicated as “Gilled & Gutted”, fish weight will be measured before fabrication to ensure that they fit within your preferred size range. 
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