Kitoku Akita Komachi Musenmai (Pkt, 2kg)

Kitoku Akita Komachi Musenmai (Pkt, 2kg)

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  • 2kg per packet
  • Rice varietal: Akita Komachi
  • Origin: Akita Prefecture, Japan
  • Good for: sushi / rice bowls (needs to be mixed with sushi vinegar), onigiri, paired with stews and braised dishes
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There are typically 3 types of rice – long, medium and short grain rice. More often than not, Japanese rice falls in the short grain category. Due to the high starch content, Japanese rice can be observed to stick together without being mushy or overcooked. Akita (Origin) Komachi (Varietal) is one of the most popular grain choice in Japan. Loosely translated, “Musenmai” refers to the rice being rinse free.