[Maruyama] Nori Tsukudani // Shoyu-marinated Seaweed

[Maruyama] Nori Tsukudani // Shoyu-marinated Seaweed

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Nori Tsukudani is essentially a Shoyu-marinated Seaweed that is a staple for many in Japan. It has a black paste-like texture that is a flavour bomb packed with both sweet and savoury notes, that may not look the most appetizing to the unassuming.

Maruyama has been in operation for more than 160 years, serving high end sushi restaurants, the casual diner as well as hotels. The company pays close attention to various factors including baking method, colour and gloss, and crispness of the seaweed they produce.

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  • 120g per bottle
  • Ready to eat, and pairs great with porridge or steamed-rice