MESSENA Yuzu Kosho 柚子胡椒 (Btl, 50g)

MESSENA Yuzu Kosho 柚子胡椒 (Btl, 50g)

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  • 50g per bottle
  • Made in Kagoshima, Japan
  • Vegan friendly!
  • Possible uses: as a dip for proteins, Japanese-style Pepperoncino,
  • Ingredients: Yuzu, Ao Togarashi (Japanese Green Chilli Peppers), Sea Salt
  • Description


What exactly is Yuzu Kosho 柚子胡椒? It is is a Japanese paste made from Yuzu extract (usually skin or juice) and fresh Chilli Peppers. Once cleaned and mashed with a pestel to form a paste, it is usually left to sit and ferment for at least a week. It works great paired with fatty meats (Think: a nice fatty steak of Wagyu), or fish. The clean, umami flavour profile instantly adds complexity to a simple dish. And one hack we discovered is to add a small bit (about half a tea spoon) into a pot of Chicken or Pork bone broth before serving with some Japanese noodles. Perfect on a rainy afternoon!

What we like about the MESSENA-brand Yuzu Kosho?

  • Heat intensity is perfect
  • Small portions perfect to bring along for gatherings
  • Shelf stable product, and does not need to be refrigerated