Mizkan Sushi Vinegar // Mizkan Sushi Su // 米酢

$5.10 inc GST

  • Trying your hands out at some sushi rice at home? Here’s the perfect sushi rice vinegar for you
  • A good ratio would be to use 5 table spoons of this sushi vinegar for 2 cups of rice cooked. Here are some simple steps:
    • Once cooked, transfer the cooked hot rice into a damp Hangiri (or a flatter dish/container would do as well)
    • Add in the vinegar in while the rice is still hot. This ensures that your rice remains glossy, and preventing it from becoming too sticky.
    • Fluff the rice with a rice paddle to make sure that all grains are covered in the tasty sushi vinegar, breaking up clumps that may form. Ensure that a cutting motion is used (rather than a smearing or smashing one)
  • 360ml per bottle
  • Do place your orders 3 days in advance for this item
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