Murasaki Uni (Bara) – 100g

Murasaki Uni (Bara) – 100g

$88.00 (Incl. GST)

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Murasaki Uni // Sea Urchin

Murasaki Uni is primed during a short period of time every year. Now available in smaller trays too!


  • Type of Uni: Murasaki 馬糞
  • Size: 100g (But also available in 50g and 100g)
  • Arrangement: Bara (I.e. woven into a net, or criss-crossed)
  • Brand: Various (Procured directly from the one of the 4 largest Hokkaido Factories)
  • Colour: Various shades of Orange, typically bright Orange hues
  • Storage: refrigerator, and should be consumed within 2 days of delivery
  • Typically flown in on Tuesdays and Fridays, but do check out or flight schedules for the month or drop us a message
  • On occasions that due to unforeseen circumstances like natural disasters, poor catch rates due to bad weather that the specific brand of Uni might not be available, our partners would then procure trays of similar quality for you