Negitoro Minced Tuna // ねぎとろ

Negitoro Minced Tuna // ねぎとろ

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Negitoro // Minced Tuna 

Negitoro usually comes in a handroll or a maki at the end of the meal in most sushi omakase sets. Negitoro is a versatile topping with its soft and silky texture, it increases in flavour simply with some shoyu and chopped onions. We personally love a good negitoro hand roll with takuan / pickled radish.


  • Available in 200g and 500g packets
  • Available all year round
  • Super Frozen and suitable to be consumed as raw
  • Preparation method: Add in some chopped Negi / Spring Onion and Shoyu and it’s good to go as Sashimi, Gunkan Sushi, or on top Chirashi Bowls


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