Nejime Biwa cha / Loquat Tea (Pkt, 10 x 2g)

Nejime Biwa cha / Loquat Tea (Pkt, 10 x 2g)

$7.50 (Incl. GST)

Available daily

  • 2g x 10 sachets in a packet
  • Made in Kagoshima, Japan
  • Vegan friendly, Zero Calorie, Caffeine Free!!!
  • Each tea bag can prepare 500ml to 1L of tea, depending on concentration and personal preference
  • Ingredients: Loquat Leaves
  • Description


The Loquat Fruit was first introduced to Japan in the 7th Century, around the same time where Buddhism started being practiced in the country. The Loquat Fruit is edible and its leaves are believed to be herbal and contain medicinal properties. Specifically in Nejime, a small town in Kagoshima, the leaves of the locally grown Loquat Plant are roasted using a patented process before being further processed into tea leaves. This gives rise to a refreshing zero calorie, caffeine-free tea that can be consumed both warm or chilled. The tea is also high in Polyphenols and in turn, anti-oxidants!