Premium A5 Wagyu Kiriotoshi (Pkt, 250g)

Premium A5 Wagyu Kiriotoshi (Pkt, 250g)

$38.50 Incl GST

Kiriotoshi or Komagire refers to thinly sliced beef loin that is often used for stir fry dishes, or used to prepare dishes like Gyudon, or Nikujaga! Our Premium A5 Wagyu Kiriotoshi comes in packets of 250g. While comparatively cheaper compared to prime cuts of meat (think: ribeye, striploin and even the chuck roll), these are also suitable for fuss free sukiyaki or shabu shabu meals where looks aren’t particularly important #uglydelicious.

Available daily

  • Size options: 250g per tray
  • Season: Available all year round
  • Preparation method: Gyudon, Nikujaga, Sukiyaki, or Shabu Shabu
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