SAIKYO Premium Shiro Miso (Pkt, 500g)

SAIKYO Premium Shiro Miso (Pkt, 500g)

$10.50 Incl GST

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  • 500g per packet
  • Possible uses: soups, stir fry vegetables, dip for vegetables, marinating meats (mainly fish and pork)
  • Ingredients: Rice, Soybean, Salt, Starch Syrup, Water, Ethyl
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A Japanese kitchen is not complete without essential condiments. Miso – alongside several others like Hon Mirin, Shoyu, Cooking Sake, forms the basis and foundation the Japanese cuisine. Often, subtle differences in ratios and intensities, can draw out different natural characteristics and flavours of produce. Here we have SAIKYO’s (brand) Shiro Miso which incorporates high quality malted rice and soy means in a 2:1 ratio. With its mild sweetness and relatively low sodium content, this pale yellow miso paste makes a beautiful addition to a variety of dishes.