SEIKA Pineapple Candy (Box, 50g)


SEIKA Pineapple Candy (Box, 50g)

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  • Box (50g, 10 pcs)
  • Made in Kagoshima, Japan
  • Vegan friendly
  • How to consume: each candy is wrapped in edible paper and can be consumed as is
  • Ingredients: Millet Jelly, Sugar, Malt sugar, Concentrated Golden Pineapple Juice, Glutinous Rice, Starch, Food Colouring (turmeric), Emulsifier (from soy)
  • Allergen(s): Soy
  • Description


The SEIKA Pineapple Candy, one of the most popular “dagashi” (soft candies) in Japan, was invented by Seika Foods (Kagoshima) in 1924. Made using glutinous rice, the candies are soft and chewy, and they are not overly sweet. Flavoured using golden pineapple juice gives it a sweet fragrance.