[Toyama Bay] Hotaru Ika / Japanese Firefly Squid – Boiled (Tray, 300g)

[Toyama Bay] Hotaru Ika / Japanese Firefly Squid – Boiled (Tray, 300g)

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  • 300g of umami goodness
  • *** IMPORTANT NOTE: The weight of 300g includes the weight of its spine / quill, eye and beaks. If you are opting for these to be removed, do note that edible weight will be less than 300g
  • Taste & texture: extremely umami, with some bite (similar to that of squid)
  • Origin: Toyama Bay (If you know your Hotaru Ika, you would know that those from the region hits different).
  • Availability: March to June
  • As these have already been boiled, they are suitable for consumption as is, after removing eyes, beak and quill / spines. We recommend blanching it once more.
  • Other cooking methods: paired with a Japanese Miso-vinaigrette (sumiso­-ae) / fried as karāge / pickled / donabe / skewered and grill over open flame


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Hotaru Ika can be found at depths of between 200 and 400m, and are found in the northwestern part of the Pacific Ocean. They thrive in, and are most famed in the coastal town of Toyama Bay which borders the Sea of Japan. During a short window every Spring, the surface at night to spawn and emit a bright blue light due to it being a bioluminescent organism with photophore (light producing organs) on its mantle, head, and tentacles – attracting both tourists and fisherman! These are available for an extremely short window every Spring.

To prevent contamination form parasites, Hotaru Ika that arrives are typically boiled. For raw / steamed options, please reach out to us on WhatsApp as they are not available all the time.


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