[Toyosu] Murasaki Uni (Narabe) – 250g

[Toyosu] Murasaki Uni (Narabe) – 250g

$185.00 (Incl. GST)

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[Toyosu] Murasaki Uni 紫海胆  (Auction-grade)

Murasaki Uni is available for a limited period of time every year, typically from July to August. Compared to Bafun Uni it’s known to be creamier and with a more subtle umami flavour profile. Our partners in Japan have participate in the Uni auctions in both the now-defunct Tsukiji market and the new Toyosu market, heading in to pick out the best trays for us! With their extensive experience, knowledge and know-how, we have faith in their abilities to procure Uni of the best quality for you!


  • Type of Uni: Murasaki 紫海胆
  • Arrangement: Narabe (I.e. arranged systematically and neatly in rows)
  • Possible brands that you might receive: Ginjiro, Sato
  • Colour: Yellow to dull orange / brown hues
  • Texture: Plump
  • Storage: In the refrigerator, and should be consumed within 2 days of delivery
  • Typically flown in on Tuesdays and Fridays, but do check out or flight schedules for the month or drop us a message
  • For pre-orders for our next flight in, is: 12pm, 2 days prior to the date of arrival
  • In the event that the particular brand is not available due to unforeseen circumstances (such as natural disasters, or poor catch rates due to bad weather), our purveyors will bid for trays of similar quality for you.