Umeshu Starter Kit

$120.00$245.00 (Incl. GST)

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Ao “Green” Ume is essentially refers to un-riped plum, which is most commonly used in the preparation of Umeshu (梅酒). Fortunately or unfortunately, it is available for a fleeting few weeks every year. We’ve put together these Umeshu Starter Kits that can be delivered right to your door step! Each set comprise of 1kg of Ao Ume. As these are flown in fresh, do refer to our flight arrival schedule fore more details.


  • Set options are available too, these comprise of:
    • Umeshu Starter Kit (W/o Alcohol) – 1kg of Ao Ume, 2 x 1L glass bottles, 500g of Japanese Rock Sugar
    • Umeshu Starter Kit (W Alcohol) – Umeshu Starter Kit (W/o Alcohol) + 1.8L of white liquor

Note: Glass bottle and White liquor may vary from what is shown in the image. However, these sets have been carefully curated by the Soshinsen team and are suitable for Umeshu steeping!