Fz Unagi Kabayaki / Marinated Freshwater Eel (Pcs, 200 to 250g)

Fz Unagi Kabayaki / Marinated Freshwater Eel (Pcs, 200 to 250g)

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  • Scientific name: Anguilla Japonica
  • Origin: Sea of Japan / Taiwan / China
  • Weight: 200 to 250g per pcs
  • Ingredients: Unagi, Sake, Mirin, Shoyu, Sugar
  • Storage: Refer to packaging
  • Delivered with dry ice to safeguard produce quality and cold chain. 
  • Preparation methods: once thawed, steam for 6 to 7 mins to re-heat. Torch or broil to liking.
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Unagi Kabayaki うなぎ蒲焼 refers to Freshwater Eel that has been broiled and dipped in a shoyu-based sauce. We have gone through a multitude of manufacturers and found this to best for it’s texture and taste profile. Do note that while we have worked with our suppliers to ensure that bones are simmered till soft, some fish have thicker bones than others and bone texture may vary. Do exercise caution when serving, especially to children and the elderly.


  1. As produce is wild-caught, weights provided are estimates and are dependent on season. While some fish may be smaller than others, we ensure that the minimum weights stated are met. Should you receive a larger piece, consider it your lucky day. Prices stated will be honoured.
  2. Images are for visual purposes only, and may or may not be representative of the actual size, weight or colour of the produce. For Unagi, this comes as a whole fillet (not sliced)