[Recipe] Honmaguro Chutoro Tartar

[Recipe] Honmaguro Chutoro Tartar

We recently had the opportunity to work with 3-Michelin Starred Chef Bruno Ménard for a 4 dish cooking demonstration using our produce. The very first dish was a beautiful pop of colour and tasted delish, more importantly it is incredibly healthy and fuss free to prepare in the comforts of home. This recipe depends heavily on personal taste preference and quantities are just a gauge!

Equipment needed: Stainless Steel Metal Ring, Sharp Knife

Base layer: Get a ripen Avocado, mash it and mix with Sudachi (or Lime) juice.

  1. Half an Avocado
  2. Some Japanese Citrus juice (Sudachi or Yuzu would be ideal)

Middle layer: Once thawed, dice the Honmaguro Tuna into small cubes. Add in all condiments and mix well.

  1. Honmaguro Chutoro 80g
  2. A pinch of salt
  3. A pinch of black pepper
  4. Sudachi zest (Can substituted with Lime)
  5. Sudachi juice (About 1/3 of a lime, or to taste)
  6. 5 to 6 drops of a good quality Olive Oil

Top layer: chopped Chives, Sea Urchin (Uni), and Chrysanthemum Flowers (Kogiku).

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