[Recipe] Hotate Carpaccio

[Recipe] Hotate Carpaccio

Simple and easy to prepare, this Hotate Carpaccio is perfect for as an appetizer or as a quick midnight fix.


  1. Hotate (6 to 8 pieces)
  2. Tomatoes (1/4 of a whole tomato diced to your preference)
  3. Citrus juice of your choice (10ml) and Shoyu (80ml) or some Yuzu Citrus (100ml)
  4. Olive Oil (60ml)
  5. A dash of pepper


Move the Hotate from the freezer to the chiller about 2 hours before and leave it to defrost. Preparation of the citrus drizzle can now be done. Dice up some tomatoes and add in the liquid ingredients (Shoyu, Citrus juice, Olive Oil) and give it a quick mix. Plate up the Hotate and top it off with the mix and some pepper and it’s perfect to devour right away!

Note: Don’t leave the dish sitting for too long. The Citric Acid will start “cooking” the Hotate.

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