[Recipe] Soshinsen Chirashi Don

[Recipe] Soshinsen Chirashi Don

Every dinner party that we have either consulted for or contributed to has left us wondering with one question, “How can we do more to come up with better and more creative ways to not only feed but educate our customers and friends?”
This led to us thinking about how we can pre-pack items that will complement each other and how it could help our customers decide on what they want. Hence, we have put together this series of Chirashi Packs where you and your dinner guests can create your own Chirashis and see whose bowl looks better!

  • 200g Ikura // Salmon Roe (Comes in 2 x 100g packs)
  • 200g Amaebi Fantail // Amaebi with Shell on tail
  • 1kg Hokkaido Scallops // Hokkaido Scallops
  • 500g Negitoro // Minced Tuna


  • Sushi Rice Seasoning (Mirin, Vinegar, Sugar)


Instructions :

  1. Thaw all items in chiller.
  2. Combine sushi rice seasoning and pour into rice. Mix it in with slicing motions.
  3. Assemble the Chirashi don in any way you like in any fashion
  4. Enjoy!!

*credit for these lovely photos go to @alexandrachua

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