Tuna (Maguro) Eye Muscle

Tuna (Maguro) Eye Muscle

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While less commonly found in restaurants in Singapore, the Maguro Eye Muscle (also known as Maguro no Medama まぐろ目玉) cut is can be found in Izakayas that litter the streets of Japan. Izakyas are the favourite hideouts for the locals to wind down after work. On top of the usual Japanese dishes that have made their way across the world, this local eateries are often home to a a wide variety of lesser known dishes.

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  • Approximately 500g per pcs
  • Comprises of the Tuna Eyeball, surrounded by fat and muscles
  • High in nutrients and Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • Suitable for Nitsuke (braising in soy sauce and miring), or a quick pan fry with sesame oil and ginger